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ColaborationLa Segunda Insurance Group. - BGH Tech Partner

BGH Tech Partner was chosen by Grupo Segurador La Segunda to develop solutions based on collaboration, allowing them to focus on generating added value.
The Insurance Group had to rethink the traditional model of the IT area, with fewer fixed systems and more platforms that allow resources to be assembled through innovation. Open the landscape to mobility, Social Media, customer interaction, Cloud, Big Data and service-oriented architecture.
The maturity of the cloud computing model, in relation to the high operating and licensing costs of the “on premise” structure, benefited from greater added value and innovation.

“Google for Work allowed us to adapt to the market, promote new services, new ways of relating, accept and keep up with generational changes, but fundamentally to be more efficient in operations”

Jorge Arias Systems Manager of Grupo Segurador La Segunda


Before incorporating Google for Work, La Segunda Insurance Group had its entire Lotus-based technology platform. Among the drawbacks that began to emerge, the following stand out: The limited storage capacity of email boxes. Service disruptions, which made daily work difficult. Loss of time and productivity when backing up email. The salesforce demanded to be able to access the mail from their mobile devices.


The biggest challenge was to have a solution that allowed focusing on tasks that generate added value to the business and be more efficient in its operations.


Google for Work offers unrestricted mobility, an email with plenty of storage and an intuitive and familiar interface along with the peace of mind of having secure tools and a technological platform that allows you to constantly evolve without having to migrate again to another superior solution.


  • Connection with the more than 1,000 agencies across the country: implementing a license in each of them for information management.
  • Elimination of storage costs in mailboxes and optimization of backup processes from the use of Gmail.
  • Reduction of information search time: all information is hosted in Drive, a tool that has a powerful search engine.
  • Decreased travel costs by 20% with the use of Hangout (videoconferences) and improved the quality of meetings.
  • Internal communication was improved, helping to overcome geographical barriers and unify the company’s image from the creation of a corporate intranet.
  • Integration of Google Maps to improve customer service: geolocation project to make a mechanical help request through the smartphone or locate the nearest agency.



“We discovered in BGH Tech Partner a partner with whom we continue working until today”

Jorge Arias, Systems Manager of Grupo Segurador La Segunda