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SMART CITIESReal-time visualization of level data – ChampionX - BGH Tech Partner


Context: in ChampionX’s final architecture solution, an array of AWS services is ingeniously harnessed to facilitate the real-time collection and visualization of telemetry data, a critical element in optimizing chemical skid logistics. 

Challenge: this orchestrated AWS ecosystem empowers ChampionX to surmount the challenges of efficient chemical skid replenishment logistics and make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Solution: in ChampionX’s solution architecture, the integration of various AWS services brings about several significant benefits that are pivotal to their quest to optimize chemical skid logistics.AWS IoT Core serves as a central hub for IoT devices, securely connecting devices and efficiently managing telemetry data. This ensures real-time data ingestion, reducing data transfer costs, and simplifying device management for ChampionX.InfluxDB, as a high-performance time-series database, optimizes data storage and query performance. It simplifies data retention policies, enabling ChampionX to store and query real-time data related to chemical skid tank levels efficiently. Elasticsearch offers fast and accurate data retrieval, near real-time indexing, and powerful search and analytics capabilities. It streamlines data indexing and querying, enhancing ChampionX’s ability to make timely and data-driven decisions. Paired with Elasticsearch, Kibana provides interactive data visualization through real-time dashboards. ChampionX benefits from its capabilities for creating data-rich visualizations, empowering analysts to quickly identify chemical skids that require replenishment. AWS EC2 allowed the implementation of all this technology stack with easy and flexibility. EC2 permits straightforward and secure connection between instances, ensuring low latency thought the whole process. 

Amazon S3 offers scalable and secure data storage, ensuring reliability and low-latency access to stored data. ChampionX’s data remains safeguarded, ready for retrieval, and protected against data loss or disruptions. AWS Backup provides data protection and recovery, automating backup and restore capabilities for essential services. It ensures data resilience and business continuity for ChampionX, guaranteeing that their telemetry data remains accessible and protected even in the face of technical issues or data loss. AWS Storage Gateway allows seamless integration between on-premises environments and cloud storage. This benefit ensures that ChampionX’s existing infrastructure works seamlessly with cloud-based solutions, reducing complexity and enabling a smooth transition to AWS services, achieving a hybrid infrastructure with low configuration. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is pivotal for real-time notifications and messaging, enhancing communication and alerting capabilities for ChampionX’s solution. It enables prompt responses to critical events and efficient coordination within the system. EC2 also allows the deployment of a Bastion Host, this serves as a secure gateway for remote access to AWS resources, strengthening security by ensuring controlled access and safeguarding against unauthorized entry, providing a secure environment for ChampionX’s operations.

This refined set of AWS services collectively forms a robust ecosystem that empowers ChampionX to optimize chemical skid logistics, reduce resource wastage, enhance operational efficiency, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. This comprehensive solution maximizes cost savings and strengthens the organization’s ability to make informed, timely choices for chemical skid replenishment.